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Municipal wastewater treatment

Municipal wastewater treatment

A partner that provides clarification – and recovers recyclables

Rethinking municipal wastewater treatment

There has been a major rethink among local authorities, water associations, utilities companies and any other groups handling the raw material water. Namely moving away from disposal and focusing instead on sustainable wastewater treatment. This means both recovering the recyclable materials, such as phosphorus, from the water and using the wastewater as a source of green energy. Sewage treatment plants have huge potential here – a potential that should be exploited wherever possible. The biogas that is produced from sewage sludge can be used to cover the sewage treatment plant’s own electricity and heat requirements and be fed into the national grid as well. Completely climate neutral and on a grand scale.

Two cornerstones of our philosophy:

Ideally, municipal wastewater treatment is also used to source raw materials and energy – so that it can make a key contribution towards improving a local authority’s carbon footprint

Some excellent, first-hand examples. Take a look at our references

Together with the CUTEC Clausthal Research Center for Environmental Technologies, we have steadily been making advances in the field of bio-electrochemical fuel cells – i.e. generating electricity by biologically breaking down organic substances in wastewater.

  • New values instead of the same old story –
    A full range of services for your plant operations

    ‘Relieving the pressure’ – this is one of the main arguments that private sector water companies make to convince local authorities of the benefits of working with them in the area of municipal wastewater treatment. And it’s an argument that makes sense as relieving the pressure on public sector finances and personnel resources is certainly important. But this is just one of many arguments. Our service concept goes quite a bit further. Our goal is not simply to manage your operations but to help shape them as well. We not only actively support you to make sure that your wastewater treatment plants and networks are kept in good shape over a long period of time but also to modernise them so that they work more efficiently. For example by retrofitting them with programmable logic controllers. At the end of the day, it’s all about you deciding which business cooperation model best suits your needs.

    Find out all about our business cooperation models

Municipal wastewater treatment with REMONDIS Aqua –
Three convincing technological arguments


The whole programme from start to finish. We plan, build, renovate, finance and operate whatever infrastructure is needed. From sewage treatment plants, to pumping stations, all the way through to whole sewer networks.


We are able to guarantee the highest levels of quality control by carrying out extensive measurements at short intervals that cover a whole host of parameters.


We systematically recover the raw materials contained in the wastewater. For example, phosphorus, minerals, gypsum and salts, which can be reused as a flocculating agent.

  • Always on the safe side.
    No matter what’s coming around the corner.

    And there’s a great deal coming. The Green Deal and the national and European climate action efforts related to this will, sooner or later, lead to sewage treatment plant operators having to cope with ever more stringent regulations. It’s impossible to disregard subjects such as carbon emission reductions and resource efficiency. REMONDIS Aqua’s technical and analytical capabilities are the guarantee you need to ensure you’re in the best possible position to meet all of the upcoming requirements. Would you like a few examples?

A phosphorus recovery plant in Hamburg

The challenge: recovering phosphorus

The statutory obligation to recover phosphorus is on its way. For large-scale plants to begin with but it will certainly affect all treatment plants sooner or later. We already meet the statutory obligations today with our TetraPhos® process.
Find out more

Phosphorus, the basis for plant growth

The challenge: recycling sewage sludge

There are going to be some huge changes regarding the recycling and use of sewage sludge in the agricultural sector. The solution: make the most of the alternatives offered by REMONDIS Aqua in good time.
Find out more

Digitisation in water management

The challenge: digitisation

Digitisation will be a must as plants look to make their operations more efficient in the future. We are already well equipped for this. Including data collection, AI evaluations and network simulations.
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Water and environmental protection

The challenge: the fourth treatment stage

Traces of pharmaceuticals are increasingly putting the environment at risk. Sooner or later the fourth treatment stage will become a must. We can help draw up a concept for such a system and set it up.

Generating biogas as part of wastewater treatment

The challenge: becoming energy self-sufficient

If wastewater treatment plant operations are to be as cost-effective and climate neutral as possible, then they will need to cut emissions and use resources in the most efficient way. One way of doing this is for plants to cover their own electricity requirements with biogas.

Talk to one of our experts to learn more about the different opportunities available in municipal wastewater treatment. Find out who to contact here

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