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A dam for sourcing drinking water

Drinking water for local authorities

From the waterworks to people’s homes –
we make sure everything runs smoothly

Processing drinking water for local authorities.
Tailored to meet your exact requirements

We have been a reliable partner for local authorities for decades, managing and processing drinking water on their behalf. Our portfolio covers the whole range of technical and commercial tasks needed to supply water. Our goal is to support councils and water associations by providing them with the exact services they need so that they can work sustainably in an environmentally friendly and cost-effective way and keep the rates their local residents have to pay stable for as long as possible. And emphasis here is always put on ‘support’. We work on equal terms and offer targeted assistance – making the most of our know-how of treating drinking water for local authorities to give support exactly where it is wanted and needed. As a result, a collaboration with us is also of interest to smaller councils that are perhaps not in such a strong position as large cities and water associations with their own utilities companies.

From management contracting to PPPs – find out more about our business cooperation models

Two cornerstones of our philosophy:

The more technology that’s used per cubic meter of water, the more expensive it is to supply water. Which is why it’s so important to distribute water efficiently and keep water loss as low as possible. We do both. By carrying out detailed needs assessments and performing renovation work whenever necessary.

Heading towards a secure future together –
with absolutely no financial surprises

Processing municipal drinking water is a marathon not a sprint. The service life and amortisation period of a region’s water-related infrastructure with its plants and networks last for decades. It is, therefore, particularly useful for a local authority if it has a partner at its side that can accompany and assist it throughout the whole of this long period of time. This is exactly what we do here at REMONDIS Aqua.

But there’s another thing that’s even more important: we make it possible for you to see far into the future. Not using a crystal ball – but based on hard facts thanks to our comprehensive asset management program that we developed ourselves. The future state of the plants is calculated using data about the technical infrastructure and the decades of experience that we have gathered from operating such facilities. This enables us to make robust predictions about when, where and what improvements will have to be made to the network. An ideal way to estimate long-term costs and plan well ahead into the future.

Convincing in so many ways – our municipal water management references

Our drinking water portfolio

Full range of infrastructure services

We finance, plan, build and operate whatever is needed to source and distribute drinking water. More specifically: wells, tapping of springs, reservoirs, dams, facilities for recovering surface water, water processing plants, pumping stations, storage facilities and drinking water pipe networks.

Quality & process assurance

We take samples more often than stipulated in the German Federal Drinking Water Ordinance [TrinkwV] and check far more parameters. 

Optimum network control

By carrying out detailed needs assessments and predicting future developments, we are able to create pipe networks that can meet demand without them becoming too big. Booster facilities ensure that the water supply network has the right pressure – during peak periods as well.

Services for local residents

We provide technical and commercial support at all levels – from running an emergency helpline (including passing the information on to the control centre), to managing water meters and bills, all the way through to connecting homes to the mains.

Administration & PR work

Thanks to our large pool of employees and qualified specialists, we are always able to help out when there are staff shortages. What’s more, we can also help you with your external communications. Directly via our employees and/or indirectly via analogue and digital media.

We’re here to give advice on drinking water treatment for local authorities whenever you need it. Simply use our contact form or get in touch with one of our experts.

More sustainability with more digitisation

When it comes to processing and managing drinking water for councils, ‘thinking long term’ and ‘thinking sustainably’ are two sides of the same coin. As plans have to be made that will last long into the future, they automatically involve acting responsibly on behalf of future generations. For example, protecting raw water resources. Acting sustainably, however, also means working out how the use of novel processes may help square environmental benefits with efficiency benefits. Which is why, together with you, we always keep a very close eye on what may be possible in the future. It’s most definitely worth taking a good look at digitisation and thinking about what this technology might bring. For example, the potential of digital meters and being able to receive their readings 24/7. With this information, local authorities can draw up much better analyses and forecasts. Local residents are given a valuable tool enabling them to track their consumption and make conscious decisions about how they use water. Both genuine milestones on the path towards greater sustainability.

While digital water meters are still considerably more expensive than their analogue counterparts at present, the moment is getting closer and closer when they’ll be more than worth their while. Having permanent, contactless readings create a variety of advantages for customers, namely having an overview of how they consume water and handle this important resource. We already use digital water meters as part of our operations.

Efficiency and climate action – a great duo

Are you looking for your region to become climate neutral? Then you should make the very most of the great potential hidden in your water supply facilities. With the added advantage, by the way, that more climate action normally means greater efficiency. We’re always happy to draw up a detailed analysis of your facilities to show exactly how this can be done.

We develop and implement solutions on your behalf so that your waterworks can be run using renewable energy, for example solar power. This is particularly worth its while as we also deliver smart solutions to store the renewable energy at the same time. The principle here is simple: when the sun shines, the plant works flat out and produces more drinking water than is needed that can then be fed into the mains from the reservoirs and dams.

Together with you, we work out how you can reduce your water sector’s carbon emissions to help your region reach its long-term goal of becoming net zero. Get in touch with us.

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