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Process water

Process water

Manufacturing top quality products.
With top quality water

Process water in every formulation required.
Plus guaranteed security of supply

We are experts in providing industry with a reliable and permanent supply of process water of consistent quality. We have in-depth expertise of all areas of the supply chain – from sourcing the raw water, to demineralising it, all the way through to producing the required formulation of process water. This not only ensures that our customers’ production activities run smoothly but also helps to make their business considerably more cost-effective. At the end of the day, process water helps manufacturers to manage the quality of their products but also has a big impact on costs – especially at industrial businesses that require large volumes of water. Which means, though, that this is also a key area where there is potential to grow efficiency. Something that will become ever more significant as water becomes increasingly more expensive in the future. To counteract this development, it is vital that industrial water supply is not handled in a linear but in a circular way. And this is precisely what we do with our know-how and technology.

We guarantee supplies of process water for a whole number of large industrial customers

Our process water specialists supply water for open and closed cooling systems, wet scrubbers and air scrubbers as well as boiler feed water, district heating water and wash water

From the 42nd BImSchV [German Federal Immission Control Act] to the VDI 2047 guidelines – we know all the rules and regulations governing process and cooling water.

Process water off pat. And highly efficient

A company like ours that has been operating in the industrial water supply business for many decades knows what they’re doing. Thanks to our experience, we know exactly what additives and dosages are needed for the different types of standard process water. Take boiler house water as an example: we supply the water with just the right amount of anti-corrosion additives and specialty chemicals needed while ensuring it remains cost-effective. And, of course, we also supply custom-made process water for all other applications as well. No matter how specific or how bespoke. Our services here include carrying out all necessary analytical work, using these findings to draw up the treatment concepts and then delivering the specialty chemicals. Find out more in our services section

How you benefit

Bespoke solutions
No two customers are the same and so our solutions aren’t either. From developing the concept through to implementing it – everything we deliver is adapted to meet your plant’s exact needs.

Construction & operation of the facilities
We deal with all the infrastructure needed to supply your process water – including facilities that enable you to recover, recycle and reuse your production wastewater in house.

Process expertise
We guarantee that all the physical and chemical systems required to process the raw water are implemented and used safely.

Quality control
Our facilities are monitored using modern measuring technology. Comprehensive quality controls are carried out on top of this, such as retained samples, in-house analyses and external analyses.

Long-term security
We take over the business risks throughout the term of the contract. This applies to both the business costs and the wastewater treatment guarantees.

We’re always there whenever you need us

When it comes to supplying process water, our philosophy is that you should always get the support that you wish to get. That may be building the facilities and operating them, supplying process water in the quality you require or supplying you with water chemicals. We are there to support you with our expertise whenever and wherever you need us.

Whenever we make the most of our know-how to support your production plant, our goal is to enable you to focus on your core areas of expertise. We believe that having satisfied customers is the best way to build long-term business relationships.

How can we help you with your process water? Or do you need our help in another area? We’re always here to answer your questions. Find out who to contact here

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