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Wastewater treatment for industry

Wastewater treatment for industry

Systematically closing water cycles. With our expertise and technology

Modern wastewater treatment for industrial businesses.
A long way away from the topic of ‘disposal’

Thanks to its comprehensive knowledge of facility operations and process technology, REMONDIS Aqua is able to provide its customers with the best possible support when it comes to treating industrial wastewater. For a long while now, the focus of modern wastewater management has no longer been solely on eliminating pollutants but on using the wastewater as a source of raw materials. It is our mission to dig as deep as possible and get the very most from Aquatic Mining® as well as to ensure process water is kept in closed cycles so that no water needs to be discharged. The way this goal is reached differs from business to business. Which is why our focus is always on each individual customer and their specific requirements when it comes to treating industrial wastewater. The one thing that is the same for all of them, though, is the holistic way we think and implement industrial wastewater management.

Wastewater treatment for industry – Three key aspects

A strong partner for contracting work

So what concept would you like to have? Certainly the most efficient one, of course

We look at each individual site and customer to examine and consider what approach is best for them. Our goal is always to find the most cost-effective solution. This means having the most appropriate pre-treatment system in place so that the discharge ceiling values are adhered to. Having such a system can help reduce the extra charges that must be paid for discharging heavily contaminated wastewater into sewer systems or, ideally, prevent them having to be paid at all. At the same time, we check to what extent it makes sense for the site to have its own wastewater treatment facility so the wastewater can be discharged as soon as it’s been treated. And, of course, we take all other aspects related to this into consideration as well. For example: does it make sense to use aerobic or anaerobic wastewater treatment systems?

A more general look at how industrial businesses benefit from working with REMONDIS Aqua

Or: maybe it’s worth having your own sludge dewatering facility? Many different questions have to be answered. And the only way to answer these questions is to meticulously analyse what contaminants are in the wastewater, how contaminated the wastewater is and how much wastewater is produced. That’s precisely what we do. And we use the results to draw up and implement a suitable concept. Including building and operating the facility.

Industrial wastewater treatment – the best solution in just three steps

A site-specific analysis of all parameters

Development of a suitable process concept

Construction & operation by REMONDIS Aqua

How you benefit

Bespoke solutions

No two customers are the same and so our solutions aren’t either. From developing the concept through to implementing it – everything we deliver is adapted to meet your plant’s exact needs.

Construction & operation of the facilities

We deal with all the infrastructure needed to treat and/or process your wastewater – including facilities that enable you to recover, recycle and reuse your production wastewater in house.

Process expertise

We guarantee that all the biological, physical and chemical systems required to process the wastewater are implemented and used safely.

Quality control

Our facilities are monitored using modern measuring technology. Comprehensive quality controls are carried out on top of this, such as retained samples, in-house analyses and external analyses.

Long-term security

We take over the business risks throughout the term of the contract. This applies to both the business costs and the wastewater treatment guarantees.

Aquatic Mining® – wastewater treatment as part of global resource management

Recovering recyclable substances from process water not only makes good business sense. It is also an effective way to grow sustainability as this helps to conserve natural resources and curb climate change. What is needed here is a smart treatment concept. Something that is not easy but that is certainly worth its while. Why? Because by doing so, we can recover the recyclable substances in your wastewater. The best example here is our REPHOS® system that enables us to extract phosphorus straight from industrial wastewater – i.e. not downstream from the sludge. And then there is the process we use to recover high quality salts while recycling industrial wastewater.

Recovering all recyclable materials.
No matter what substance they may be

The specific conditions of each individual production plant determine which recyclable substances we are able to recover from industrial wastewater as part of our Aquatic Mining® services. The fact is that phosphorus is just one of many recyclable raw materials. As a basic principle, each and every recyclable substance found in wastewater can be recovered. At least that is our goal. And not only because this is what we really wish to achieve but also because systematic Aquatic Mining® will become essential as raw materials become ever more scarce. There is still so much untapped potential here that we would like to exploit for and with you. This is what we’re working on achieving each and every day and why we are constantly developing new processes to recover these substances.

Energy from wastewater –
we make it happen

The best way to treat industrial wastewater is when something good comes out of it. This not only includes recyclable substances but also the climate-friendly energy, biogas. Thanks to our RE2ENERGY® technology, we are also a reliable and competent partner for generating biogas using anaerobic wastewater treatment systems.

Are you interested in our concepts for treating industrial wastewater? Then let’s get together and talk about it! Find out who to contact here

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