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    1. Imprint  
    Impressum Information about our privacy policy can be found here: Privacy & Cookies REMONDIS Aqua GmbH & Co. KG Brunnenstr. 138 D-44536 Lünen T +49 2306 106-8900 F +49 2306 106-699...

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    2. History  
    1977 REMONDIS enters the water management sector building an industrial sewage treatment plant in Marl. 1983 The company signs its first public private partnership with the District of Wesendorf in...

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    3. Overview  
    Over the years REMONDIS Aqua has developed a series of new processes to treat wastewater and recover recyclable materials. Click here to learn more about our latest innovations. more Why not get...

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    4. New processes  
    "BioBZ", a project sponsored by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research, is carrying out research work into a completely novel system for sewage treatment plants that will...

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    5. Trade fairs & events  
    6 September 2018 REMONDIS-Forum 2018 Oberhausen Wolfgang Clement, former federal minister of economic affairs, reiterated his demand for a "2020 Agenda" for Germany and Europe at the...

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    6. Overview  
    Biowaste or rather the contents of wastewater can now be used to produce energy thanks to REMONDIS Aqua's innovative process, RE2ENERGY®. The biogas recovered during the treatment process can, in...

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    7. Recovering phosphorus  
    Novel process to recover phosphorus Phosphorus is important for the natural cycle of materials. Thanks to our new processes, it can be recovered and re-used e.g. as the salt, struvite, which...

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    8. Membrane technology  
    The right solution no matter what the challenge REMONDIS Aqua's national and international specialists deal with such challenges each and every day. We have already successfully implemented membrane...

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    9. Treating residual materials  
    Treating residual materials on a grand scale: setting up special structures that allow the sun's rays to dry out sewage sludge is often the most sustainable and cost-effective solution - especially...

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    10. Network management  
    Thanks to its integral approach, REMONDIS' network logistics provide you with a clear overview of your systems and noticeably simplify many of your network management processes. From maintenance...

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