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    1. Careers  
    Is water fuelling your career? Water is our element. At REMONDIS Aqua, we are responsible for supplying drinking water and process water as well as for treating and processing wastewater for both…

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    2. Library  
    One click and you're there. Documents for download Take a look at our brochures and learn more about our different business divisions. No matter whether it is to do with REMONDIS Aqua or the company…

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    3. Press releases  
    Our press releases will always keep you up to date with our latest company news! Compact company information A summary of the most important facts: the following gives a quick and easy overview of…

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    4. Press archives  
    Our well-organised archives contain all of our important and interesting press releases that have been published since 2003 The archives provide you with a clear and compact overview of the press…

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    5. Media service  
    Have the latest REMONDIS Aqua and REMONDIS Group news sent straight to your email inbox. Simply subscribe to our media service here

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    6. Media contact  
    Contact us if you have a question about one of our press releases or if you need further information! Reliable, first-hand information Is there still some information that you have not been able to…

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    7. Imprint  
    Imprint Information about our privacy policy can be found here: Privacy & Cookies Partner with unlimited liability: REMONDIS Aqua Verwaltungsgesellschaft mbH Head office: Lünen Registry…

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    8. Home  
    Why try and implement a project by yourself when you can do it more successfully, more efficiently and more cost effectively with a strong partner at your side? For many years now, REMONDIS Aqua has…

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    9. Locations  
    The whole picture - with just a single click. Find out here where our branches are located, what services they offer and how to contact them. more Discover the world of REMONDIS with its…

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    10. Overview  
    Water management is all about trust. REMONDIS Aqua is water management REMONDIS Aqua is one of the leading specialists when it comes to high quality water – no matter whether it involves exemplary…

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