These district authorities in Lower Saxony were pioneers in PPP work. Today, it is perfectly normal to implement future-oriented projects like this one

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    REMONDIS Aqua is always in high demand by cities and districts all around the globe when they need help with their municipal tasks. A selection of our collaborations has been put together for you here.

    • Bremerhaven // Germany

        • Wastewater & waste management for the port city
          Thanks to its international port, Bremerhaven is not only one of the largest harbour towns in Europe and an important export hub for Germany, it is also a well-known science and research centre. Together with the City of Bremen, which is situated 60 kilometres south of Bremerhaven, this largest city on the German North Sea coast makes up the German state of Bremen. Wastewater and waste management services in Bremerhaven are provided by a REMONDIS joint venture.

          The partnership
          REMONDIS and the City of Bremerhaven have been working together as partners in the areas of water management and recycling since 2003. The public private partnership (PPP) company, Bremerhavener Entsorgungsgesellschaft mbH, offers a wide range of services covering all aspects of wastewater management. Besides operating two sewage treatment plants, this also involves operating and maintaining the sewer network, the pumping stations and all other wastewater facilities and equipment owned by the City of Bremerhaven. Moreover, the company is also in charge of renovating and/or building new drains and sewers and pumping stations and providing additional engineering services. In addition, the fully owned subsidiary, BEG logistics GmbH, collects and transports household, bulky and commercial waste in Bremerhaven.

          How our customers benefit

          • The creation of synergies and cost efficiencies by having the waste recycled and the wastewater treated by the same company
          • Systematic energy management, incl. generating large amounts of energy ourselves in a combined heat and power plant
          • Efficient and high quality wastewater treatment

          Facts & Figures

          • Task(s): wastewater treatment
          • Partnership: cooperation model since 2003
          • No. of inhabitants in the catchment area: 175,000
          • Capacity of the sewage treatment plant (central): 600,000 inhabitants
          • Capacity of the sewage treatment plant (north): 12,000 inhabitants

      Fethiye and Denizli // Turkey

        • Top quality wastewater treatment
          Fethiye is a coastal town and administrative centre with around 70,000 local inhabitants and is situated in the south west of Turkey. The tourist season is a huge challenge for this city which lies on the Mediterranean Sea – and not just for the hotels but also for the city's sewage treatment plant.
          Denizli is the capital city of a Turkish province in west Anatolia and, with its 500,000+ inhabitants, is the second-largest city in the Aegean region following Izmir. The textile industry is the most important business sector for Denizli. Comprehensive know-how is needed to process the industrial and production wastewater generated by these companies to ensure the stringent EU standards are fulfilled.

          The partnership
          Our subsidiary, REMONDIS Su ve Atik Su, was commissioned with the task of optimising and operating the municipal sewage treatment plant owned by the City of Fethiye back in 2007 – and this has proven to be a huge success. In addition, we set up Turkey's first ever fully automatic solar sewage sludge drying facility in Fethiye which began operations in 2012. Besides its many other municipal and industrial projects in Turkey, REMONDIS Su ve Atik Su has also been in charge of managing operations at the sewage treatment plant in Denizli since the beginning of 2012. This means that we are responsible for treating wastewater generated by a good half a million people living in Fethiye and Denizli.

          How our customers benefit

          • The high quality of the wastewater management system by optimising operations
          • REMONDIS Aqua's know-how regarding the recycling of sewage sludge
          • Sustainability by using state-of-the-art technology and avoiding the use of fossil fuels

          Facts & Figures

          • Task(s): wastewater treatment
          • Partnership: operations management model since 2007/2012
          • No. of inhabitants connected to the sewer system in the catchment areas: ca. 450,000
          • Capacity of the Fethiye sewage treatment plant: 112,000 inhabitants / 22,400 m³/d
          • Capacity of the Denizli sewage treatment plant: 380,000 inhabitants / 146,000 m³/d

      Gemünden // Germany

        • Perfect wastewater treatment for the "three-river city" thanks to a new sewage treatment plant
          Gemünden am Main is situated in the district of Main-Spessart in the Unterfranken region. One of the special features of this official spa town is the fact that it lies on the three rivers, Main, Sinn and Fränkische Saale. With the operational life of the five sewage treatment plants located around the city having come to an end or been exceeded, Gemünden decided to centralise its sewer network system and build a new central sewage treatment plant.

          The partnership
          REMONDIS Aqua has been the private sector partner of the municipal utilities company, Stadtwerke Gemünden a. Main AöR, since 2005 where it is responsible for the technical operations of the city's wastewater facilities. In addition, we were also put in charge of managing the investments for a new central sewage treatment plant and were able to reduce the planned costs by 38% – whilst maintaining the same standards. The plant was built in just 15 months and commissioned in 2006 resulting in the City of Gemünden now having a state-of-the-art sewage treatment plant at its disposal. The wastewater produced by the city and neighbouring districts has been able to be treated far more efficiently since then which has also helped to keep wastewater charges stable.

          How our customers benefit

          • Access to a state-of-the-art SBR sewage treatment plant/efficient wastewater treatment
          • A huge reduction in the investment costs needed to build the new sewage treatment plant which was also completed well ahead of schedule
          • Cost-optimised investment and renovation strategies using KoSIS

          Facts & Figures

          • Our task(s): wastewater treatment
          • Partnership: operations management model since 2005
          • No. of inhabitants in the catchment area: ca. 13,200
          • Length of the sewer network: 120km
          • Capacity of the central sewage treatment plant: 19,000 inhabitants
          • Plants & facilities: 1 sewage treatment plant, 23 mixed water treatment facilities & reservoir canals, 27 wastewater pumping stations

          "Thanks to REMONDIS Aqua managing the investment, we succeeded in considerably lowering the costs for building the central sewage treatment plant. Moreover, with the help of our private sector partner, we now have a more modern and much improved set up. This has also been achieved by using a geographical information system to draw up digital data and material and by using KoSIS to assess the condition of our sewer network."

          Hans Schneider, Managing Director and Board Member of the municipal utilities company, Gemünden a. Main AöR

      Goslar // Germany

        • Extensive services for the world heritage centre & imperial city
          Goslar is situated in the east of the German state of Lower Saxony and north west of Germany's highest uplands, the Harz. This 1,000-year-old imperial city has around 51,000 inhabitants and is particularly well-known for its historical town centre, now a UNESCO world heritage site. The quality of the wastewater treatment has been considerably improved as a result of comprehensive building measures carried out at the end of the 90s, such as the centralisation of the wastewater treatment system and the construction of a third treatment stage at the central sewage treatment plant.

          The partnership
          The cooperation between the City of Goslar and EURAWASSER Betriebsführungsgesellschaft mbH, a company belonging to REMONDIS Aqua, clearly demonstrates just how successful a public private partnership can be in the municipal water sector. We have become one of the most important providers of environmental services in the Harz region since beginning our work there in 1996. By extending our portfolio of services, we have succeeded in more than doubling our workforce over this period. Besides operating the drinking water and wastewater facilities and networks, EURAWASSER's duties also include providing road-cleaning and winter services. Moreover, we also perform water management tasks for the City of Einbeck and the District of Nordharz as well as for our commercial and industrial customers.

          How our customers benefit

          • Efficient and high quality wastewater treatment
          • A comprehensive range of services
          • Bespoke solutions for our municipal, commercial and industrial customers

          Facts & Figures

          • Task(s)n: water supply & wastewater treatment, street cleaning & winter services
          • Partnership: cooperation model since 1996
          • No. of inhabitants in the catchment area: around 65,000
          • Length of the sewer network: 600km
          • Length of the drinking water network: 130km
          • Plants & facilities: 3 sewage treatment plants, 2 waterworks, 35 wastewater pumping stations, 7 booster facilities, 6 drinking water pumping stations

          "The City of Goslar has been working together with EURAWASSER since the mid 90s. We, as a city, benefit from the expertise found at a company such as EURAWASSER. I am particularly pleased to see just how committed the firm is to the region and just what an important and good employer it is."

          Dr Oliver Junk, Mayor of Goslar

      KED Wedemark // Germany

        • A role model for Germany and beyond
          Wedemark is a district north of Hanover and also the name of a historical landscape. The region is one of the most popular places to live in the German state of Lower Saxony. 28,500 people currently live in the District of Wedemark – and this figure continues to rise. As the population grows, so, too, do the demands on the district's wastewater management system. One of the methods used to overcome this problem has been to install state-of-the-art wastewater treatment technology.

          The partnership
          The District of Wedemark in the state of Lower Saxony took the decision to enter into a partnership with a company from the private sector, KED Kommunale Entsorgungsdienste GmbH, almost 30 years ago. This cooperation, in which REMONDIS Aqua has owned a 50% share since 2012, was, therefore, one of the pioneers of public private partnerships in Germany. KED operates and finances the sewage treatment plants and parts of the sewer network on behalf of the District of Wedemark. Thanks to its high efficiency, cost-effective operations and well-functioning transfer of know-how, this successful partnership has acted as a model for cooperation work between other cities and districts and REMONDIS Aqua. The most stringent of wastewater treatment requirements are met by using state-of-the-art technology – so-called dry filtration, which is used as an additional treatment stage. A role model, therefore, for Germany and beyond.

          How our customers benefit

          • An additional treatment stage to create a state-of-the-art wastewater management system
          • Stable wastewater charges for the local inhabitants
          • REMONDIS Aqua's specialist know-how

          Facts & Figures

          • Task(s): wastewater treatment
          • Partnership: operator model since 1986
          • No. of inhabitants in the catchment area: ca. 28,500
          • Length of the sewer network: 200km
          • Capacity of the sewage treatment plants: Bissendorf sewage treatment plant 40,000 inhabitants, Resse sewage treatment plant 5,000 inhabitants
          • Plants & facilities: 2 sewage treatment plant, 100+ wastewater pumping stations
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