Biogas from wastewater is full of energy that can be used to fuel production processes or be fed as electricity into the national grid

  • An eye for the bigger picture.
    New ways to recycle sewage sludge

    Sewage sludge is a versatile resource that is generated by the treatment of wastewater. This recyclable material is particularly interesting as it contains phosphorus - a vital element for all living organisms - as well as other nutrients and organic substances. Moreover, in its dried form, sewage sludge has an energy content similar to that of brown coal. As market leader, we create natural closed cycles: by thermally treating it to generate energy, by recycling it so it can be used on the fields of local farms and by recovering and recycling phosphorus.

  • Volumes & methods used to recycle municipal sewage sludge

    It has been estimated that volumes of sewage sludge in Europe will increase by 12.8m tonnes (dry solids) year on year until 2020. More than 1.5m tonnes (dry solids) are being sent to landfill every year resulting in a huge loss of resources. REMONDIS Aqua, therefore, develops concepts to conserve these resources.

Energy recovery

  • Energy recovery means that the calorific value of the sewage sludge is used to generate energy - whilst eliminating pollutants at the same time. Using the material as a secondary fuel in power stations and sewage sludge incineration plants is an intelligent and carbon-neutral way to produce energy that also helps to cut demand for fossil fuels.

  • An ever increasing number of power stations are using this intelligent and carbon-neutral way to produce energy

Use in agriculture

  • Sewage sludge used on farmland is an eco-friendly and sustainable way of replenishing the nutrient, humus and mineral content of soils

  • Using sewage sludge as a fertiliser on farmland is a sustainable form of recycling as 60% of all phosphate in Germany is used by agricultural businesses to fertilise their fields. A further 20% goes towards producing animal feed. Sewage sludge is an extremely important supplier of nutrients and humus and helps to conserve our planet's natural resources.

  • Composting

    This purely biological method transforms sewage sludge into a perfectly hygienic compost with many positive properties. Demand for this product is growing all the time

    The sewage sludge and organic structural elements undergo a biological treatment process to produce high quality composts and soil substrates which can be used for gardening and landscaping as well as for redeveloping land. The composting method is an environmentally friendly process which generates a final product that is rich in nutrients and ideal for improving soils.

  • Our portfolio of services

    REMONDIS Aqua can provide you with a range of comprehensive services as well as bespoke solutions drawn up to meet your specific requirements and framework conditions. We offer, among other things, the following:

      • Developing integral recycling concepts that take all laws and regulations into account
      • Providing assistance with approval procedures and dealing with the relevant authorities
      • Drawing up the necessary records of proper waste management
      • Handling notification procedures for international waste management projects
      • Drawing up logistics concepts using road, rail and inland waterways
      • Organising and scheduling the collection, dewatering and conditioning of the materials
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