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    Here a few examples

    REMONDIS Aqua is a highly sought-after partner for public-sector projects all around the world. We have put together a selection of interesting examples for you to read.

    • Schwerin // Germany

        • Working together to add value to the standard of living in and around Schwerin
          Schwerin is the capital city of the German state of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern and is home to around 95,000 people. Water has always played an important role in this city which is almost 1,000 years old and has a total of 12 lakes within its borders. As is the case with many other local authorities, the City of Schwerin is having to face a large number of challenges when it comes to water management – one of the main reasons for this being demographic change.

          The partnership
          Wasserversorgungs- und Abwasserentsorgungsgesellschaft Schwerin mbH (WAG) has been responsible for supplying the people living in the City of Schwerin with drinking water since 2003. This joint venture is owned by the municipal utilities company, Stadtwerke Schwerin (51%), and REMONDIS Aqua's subsidiary, EURAWASSER (49%). A total of 13 wells are used to secure the supply of drinking water here with 2 waterworks processing the raw water into high quality drinking water. WAG is also in charge of managing the wastewater operations of Schweriner Abwasserentsorgung (SAE), a firm owned by the City of Schwerin. This includes maintaining one of the largest sewage treatment plants in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. This plant can treat wastewater from up to 200,000 inhabitants and not only accepts wastewater from Schwerin but also from many of the surrounding districts.

          How our customers benefit

          • A stable supply of drinking water & high quality, sustainable wastewater treatment
          • Access to a wide range of laboratory services provided by Aqua Service Schwerin Beratungs- und Betriebsführungsgesellschaft (AQS / a company in which EURAWASSER owns a share)
          • The advantages created by the collaboration between WAG and AQS are passed on to the customers

          Facts & Figures

          • Task(s): water supply & wastewater treatment
          • Partnership: joint venture since 2003
          • No. of inhabitants in the catchment area: ca. 100,000
          • Length of the drinking water network: 364km
          • Length of the sewer network: 350km
          • Plants & facilities: 2 waterworks, 13 wells, 1 sewage treatment plant, 370+ wastewater pumping stations

          "It has been a huge benefit to us having EURAWASSER work together with our municipal company right from the very beginning and assisting us with its know-how. This truly is a partnership that is beneficial to all those involved."

          Angelika Gramkow, Mayor of Schwerin

      Wasserverband Lausitz // Germany

        • Stable rates and charges for the Lausitz region
          The Lausitz covers an area of 13,000km2 and comprises the south east of the German state of Brandenburg as well as parts of east Saxony. The water board, Wasserverband Lausitz (WAL), is based in the south Brandenburg town of Senftenberg and is responsible for supplying drinking water to the approx. 82,000 local inhabitants living in 25 towns and districts there as well as for treating their wastewater. The water rates and charges have remained stable for over 14 years now despite the structural change the region has been going through and the effects of a declining population.

          The partnership
          In 2006, Wasserverband Lausitz (WAL) assigned the commercial and technical operations management of its drinking water supply and wastewater treatment facilities to REMONDIS Aqua. Wasserverband Lausitz Betriebsfuhrungs GmbH took over around 140 of WAL's employees – also in 2006 – and has been responsible for carrying out the work in the region since then. Besides serving the 82,000 local residents living in the water board's region, we also supply thousands of local inhabitants in the neighbouring water board regions and districts with high quality drinking water. Even Europe's largest dairy business, which is based close to Dresden, receives its drinking water from the Lausitzer Heide. One of the reasons why we are able to supply so many people is the high performance of the Tettau Waterworks –one of the biggest and most modern waterworks in the state of Brandenburg. We are also responsible for managing the wastewater there and operate 6 biological sewage treatment plants in the WAL water board's region, safely treating the wastewater generated by both private households and commercial and industrial businesses.

          How our customers benefit

          • A clear reduction in costs thanks to efficient operations
          • Stable rates and charges for the local inhabitants as well as for the commercial and industrial businesses
          • Ability to supply many areas with high quality drinking water including regions located outside the Lausitz

          Facts & Figures

          • Task(s): water supply & wastewater treatment
          • Partnership: operations management model since 2006
          • No. of inhabitants in the catchment area: 82,000 (as of: 2014)
          • Length of the drinking water network: 1,400km
          • Length of the sewer network: 524km
          • Plants & facilities: waterworks, 10 booster facilities, 7 sewage treatment plants, 160+ wastewater pumping stations

          "Having WAL-Betrieb GmbH manage the Wasserverband Lausitz's commercial and technical operations has proven to be a success for over 8 years now. It has been and continues to be able to minimise the effects of the structural problems in our region and to stabilise rates and charges and is now considered to be one of the success stories in Brandenburg."  

          Dr Roland Socher, Board Chairman of Wasserverband Lausitz

      Rostock // Germany

        • Complex treatment of surface water to produce top quality drinking water
          With over 200,000 inhabitants, Rostock is the largest city in the German state of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. This coastal town is one of the so-called Hanse towns and its drinking water supply system has an unusual feature: water from the Warnow – a 155km-long river flowing into the Baltic Sea – is processed into top quality drinking water using a complex, multi-stage treatment process. Other challenges faced by Rostock and, in particular, the surrounding districts include the effects of demographic change and the per capita water consumption levels which lie below the national average.

          The partnership
          We supply drinking water to around 310,000 people via our subsidiary, EURAWASSER Nord GmbH, and are also responsible for treating their wastewater. The region in our charge includes the City of Rostock as well as 76 neighbouring districts i.e. the districts of the two water boards, Warnow-Wasser- und Abwasserverband (WWAV) and Wasserversorgungs- und Abwasserzweckverband Güstrow-Bützow-Sternberg (WAZ). Both boards have not only assigned us with the task of operating and maintaining all their pipe networks and facilities but also with planning, implementing and financing investments and renovation work. Long-term operator contracts have been concluded with both WAZ and WWAV. In addition, EURAWASSER Nord GmbH has a concession agreement with WWAV and has been supplying drinking water on behalf of the board for over 20 years now.

          How our customers benefit

          • A complex, multi-phase treatment of surface water to produce top quality drinking water using activated carbon filtration and ozonization
          • A rapid and efficient implementation of the necessary investments
          • Planning, building, operating and financing from the same company
          • Systematic energy management, incl. generating large amounts of energy ourselves in a combined heat and power plant

          Facts & Figures

          • Task(s): water supply & wastewater treatment
          • Partnership: concession model (drinking water), operator model (wastewater) since 1993
          • No. of inhabitants in the catchment area: 310,000
          • Length of the drinking water network: 2,300km
          • Length of the sewer network: 2,100km
          • Plants & facilities: 60 waterworks, 167 wells, 56 sewage treatment plants, 560+ wastewater pumping stations

      Rheingau // Germany

        • Top quality water supply network for the wine-growing region
          The cultural landscape of the Rheingau attracts many thousands of tourists every year. The Rheingau wines are known for their high quality both at home and abroad. Two of the most popular tourist attractions in the region are the historic towns of Eltville and Kiedrich. Other districts in this area include Oestrich-Winkel, Schlangenbad and the wine-growing district of Walluf. The geographical features of the Rheingau make water supply and wastewater treatment particularly challenging.

          The partnership
          Via our subsidiary, REMONDIS EURAWASSER GmbH, we have been responsible for managing operations for RHEINGAUWASSER GmbH and the wastewater association, Abwasserverband Oberer Rheingau, since 01 January 2009. We support both clients with our know-how to ensure that this technically very complex wine-growing region with its many hillsides has access to a secure and reliable supply of water and wastewater services. RHEINGAUWASSER GmbH is responsible for supplying the approx. 45,000 people living in the region with drinking water. Abwasserverband Oberer Rheingau is in charge of treating the wastewater generated by around 36,000 local inhabitants.

          How our customers benefit

          • A high quality supply of water in a technically complex wine-growing region
          • The specialist knowledge, know-how and flexible solutions of a strong service provider
          • Improvement of the supply structure and simultaneous increase in profitability

          Facts & Figures

          • Task(s): water supply & wastewater treatment
          • Partnership: operations management model since 2009
          • No. of inhabitants in the catchment area: ca. 45,000
          • Length of the drinking water network: 340km
          • Length of the sewer network: 30km
          • Plants & facilities: 15 waterworks, 26 wells & springs, 2 sewage treatment plants, 3 wastewater pumping stations

          "The operations management model has proven to be a success for many years now and we have found a good partner in REMONDIS EURAWASSER which is able to provide reliable and cost-effective water services."

          Manfred Kohl, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Rheingauwasser GmbH and Mayor of the District of Walluf

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