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    Our operator model

    Our operator model follows the concept of a public private partnership (PPP). It has been used for many years now and has proven to be a great success both at home and abroad. Acting as a partner to the local authorities, REMONDIS Aqua independently plans, finances, builds and operates the facilities. The local authorities remain in charge of the business when dealing with third parties and are also responsible for setting water rates and wastewater charges.

    With its operator model, REMONDIS Aqua acts as a partner taking over responsibility for plant operations as well as for investments and their financing

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    Our operator models have proven to be particularly popular in the area of wastewater treatment. They are, though, just as suitable for drinking water supply systems or for a combination of both. Under the terms of such agreements, REMONDIS takes over many areas of responsibility - from the planning and financing all the way through to realising municipal projects. As a result, the operator model can increase efficiency which, in turn, leads to considerable cost savings.

Long-term security - no risks

  • When you opt for our operator model, you are also laying the foundations for a reliable and guaranteed service - one that your local inhabitants can depend on well into the future. With the contract running for between 20 and 30 years, you are able to plan your costs, as REMONDIS Aqua bears the business risks and guarantees to achieve the quality targets agreed on.

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    Who does what?Client
    Local Authorities
    Service Provider
    Setting rates/charges
    Business management

    Whilst the levels of involvement are high in the operator model, the local authorities are still in charge of setting their water rates and wastewater charges. Furthermore, they remain the owner of the old fixed assets and are responsible for checking that contractual performance is carried out correctly

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