Cooperating as partners makes it easier to realise projects and is beneficial for both parties

  • The basis for a long-lasting partnership.
    Our cooperation model

    With tasks being divided up in the best possible way, our cooperation model creates numerous advantages. Its key benefits: long-term plans can be drawn up and risks are minimised. By founding a joint venture between the municipal partner and REMONDIS Aqua, the local authorities maintain their influence over the business and yet directly benefit from the success of the company. In the majority of cases, the municipal share in the business is between 25.1% and 74.9%. This provides a stable and sustainable concept from which the local authorities can only benefit.

    With our cooperation model, you benefit from a comprehensive package of services

  • The third member of the group

    For the most part, the local authorities own a majority share in the joint venture that is founded as part of the cooperation model. This new company becomes the owner of the fixed assets and so is responsible for planning and financing new investments and renovation work. The rights and obligations of the joint venture are stipulated in a service agreement which is agreed on with the municipal client.

Your business in good hands

  • Besides owning a share in the newly founded company, REMONDIS Aqua can also take over responsibility for operations management as part of the cooperation model. In such cases, an additional operations management company can be set up. Here, though, the operations management contract is not concluded with the local authorities but with the joint venture. As well as operating and maintaining the facilities, we can also take over all commercial responsibilities.

  • > Division of tasks and responsibilities with our cooperation model
    Who does what?Client
    Local Authorities
    Service Provider REMONDIS
    Setting rates/charges
    Business management

    With our cooperation model, the joint venture makes all decisions regarding financing and investments. REMONDIS is in charge of managing operations

  • The alternative: our flexible investment model

    Does our cooperation model not quite meet your current requirements? Would you still like to benefit from our years of experience even though you do not need our full range of services? If you have already entered into a partnership with a water or wastewater business (private company) or you are planning to found such a business, then we are very happy to act as your strong and flexible partner providing assistance whenever you need it. By investing, we take over some of the responsibility and support you with our extensive know-how. And as part of this work, we can take on management tasks and so help your projects to be a success.

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