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    WAL-Betrieb joins Brandenburg Environmental Partnership.


    WAL-Betrieb awarded certification confirming it to be a maintenance specialist for small-scale sewage treatment systems.


    REMONDIS sells a number of its activities in the Czech Republic.

    AVE Group takes over waste collection activities. more

    Press Release.

    Operations begin at EVZA Staßfurt. more

    REMONDIS invests in climate protection and raw material supply.

    Environmental services for global raw material supply, energy and water resources management. more

    eANV software "REGISTA" replaces paper forms at REMONDIS.

    New technology for hazardous waste forms. more

    REMONDIS takes over Volker Bülow & Partner GmbH.

    REMONDIS extends its position in Baden Württemberg.

    Takeover of Meier Entsorgung GmbH more

    UFH and REMONDIS to build recycling facility for cooling appliances

    UFH Recycling GmbH breaks monopoly more

    Public Private Partnership with the Industrial City of Saporoshje

    REMONDIS founds the largest public private partnership (PPP) in the Ukraine more

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