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    eANV software "REGISTA" replaces paper forms at REMONDIS.

    New technology for hazardous waste forms.

    Lünen. A new era will soon be dawning for the German Waste Law: the paper forms which have up to now accompanied the disposal of hazardous waste will be a thing of the past. From 01 April 2010 onwards, the use of digital certificates will become obligatory by law. With its "REGISTA" IT package, the REMONDIS Group will be providing all those involved in waste disposal with a user-friendly and practical solution.

    In order to reduce the level of bureaucracy involved nowadays in handling hazardous waste, the electronic waste-records procedure (eANV) is to become part of the German Waste Act: handover certificates, consignment notes and proof of disposal will, in the future, be drawn up as digital documents and electronically transferred between the parties involved.

    The REMONDIS Group will be using its new "REGISTA" IT solution to deal simply and practically with approx. 10 million transactions a year. By using this electronic platform for all aspects of waste management, companies of all sizes will be able to reduce their administration costs and increase the efficiency of their processes whether they be working online or offline.

    Very little will change for REMONDIS customers in 2010 when the introduction of this electronic waste-records procedure becomes obligatory. They can continue to have their waste managed by experts but they will be able to view and administer their "electronic" documents via the Internet.

    REGISTA has already been tested successfully: the first consignment notes with qualified electronic signatures have already been sent online to the authorities responsible, SAM (Sonderabfall-Management-Gesellschaft Rheinland-Pfalz mBH), via the central coordination agency (ZKS), which is currently in the process of being set up. REGISTA is the first and as yet only solution that fulfils the SAM guidelines concerning the electronic waste-records procedure.




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    REMONDIS is one of the world's largest privately run water and environmental service companies providing services for more than 20 million people. REMONDIS has branches and affiliate companies in 21 European countries as well as in China, Japan, Taiwan and Australia.

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