Water is valuable. It is this knowledge that drives us forward helping us to make the most of our innovative strength every single day!

We are pioneers in technological innovations

Since its foundation almost 80 years ago, the REMONDIS Group has always done what it does best: developing technical innovations and processes that set global standards. In order to ensure that we hold on to our excellent position in the water sector well into the future, our engineers are making the most of the knowledge and experience of the whole of the company group and developing new solutions for reliable water supply and wastewater treatment systems.

  • Producing sustainable energy

    • Biowaste or rather the contents of wastewater can now be used to produce energy thanks to REMONDIS Aqua's innovative process, RE2ENERGY®. The biogas recovered during the treatment process can, in turn, be used to power production processes instead of natural gas – not only reducing carbon emissions but also considerably cutting costs.

    Membrane technology

    • State-of-the-art membrane technology made by REMONDIS Aqua is the key to producing ultra-pure water for industrial applications. For example to produce high quality paints and varnishes. Or to remove organic contents from wastewater using bacteria and micro-organisms.

    Recovering phosphorus

    • Industrial and municipal wastewater contains large volumes of valuable substances and our task is to ensure they are recycled and reused. One such example is phosphorus which is becoming scarcer and scarcer all around the world and can now be recovered thanks to the processes developed by REMONDIS Aqua.

    Treating residual materials

    • Each treatment process generates a considerable amount of residual materials including screenings, sand, fats and last but not least sewage sludge. REMONDIS Aqua is one of the market leaders when it comes to using eco-friendly methods to recycle these materials. By employing specific processes, e.g. using solar power to dry sewage sludge, they can be used as substitute fuel to generate thermal energy at power plants or be returned to nature as a provider of nutrients.

    Network management

    • We have developed an IT-supported system of related services which are particularly useful for renovating municipal water supply and sewer systems. Thanks to REMONDIS' network logistics, local authorities can receive all the services they need from just one system - from recording data, to maintaining their networks, to invoicing their customers.

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