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Well connected with efficient network management systems

Renovation work, maintenance work, calculating water and wastewater charges and much, much more: operating water and wastewater networks involves a whole range of challenges. Thanks to our network management system, we can provide businesses and local authorities with support helping them to set up efficient infrastructures. We are able to record data about the overall condition of their networks saving them time and money and enabling them to access up-to-date reports at short notice. Equipped with innovative software solutions, we draw up forward-thinking strategies for inspection and renovation work, optimise your maintenance management measures and, if you wish, manage all aspects of water rates and wastewater charges.

REMONDIS Aqua - Your partner for network management

  • REMONDIS' IT-supported network logistics system is based on four pillars which, together, unite all aspects of infrastructure management:

      • With our geographical information systems (GIS), you can call up different pieces of information and view them all spatially on just one single map with a click of the mouse - an ideal way to manage your network.
      • Our KoSIS software tool helps you to optimise your costs and get the most value for your money when inspecting your water and wastewater pipe networks.
      • From maintenance work, to dealing with breakdowns, to managing your resources, documents and warehouses:
        MainControl helps you to operate your everyday business in a more efficient way.

Good network management needs well-functioning logistics

  • Thanks to its integral approach, REMONDIS' network logistics provide you with a clear overview of your systems and noticeably simplify many of your network management processes.

Modern software makes renovation work simpler

  • Why not use state-of-the-art software to manage the complex task of renovating your sewer networks?! With REMONDIS' KoSIS, we can forecast how your pipe networks are likely to age and so draw up a suitable renovation strategy.

    • KoSIS is all to do with cost-optimised renovation and inspection strategies - watch our film to learn more

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