By using state-of-the-art membrane technology, we are able to remove even the smallest suspended matter from water guaranteeing a top quality product

Water is not simply water.
Assured quality thanks to membrane technology

Industrial businesses are not always able to use drinking water for their production processes as it contains too many additional substances. Companies producing paints and varnishes, for example, need ultra-pure water (H2O). The most common method used nowadays to eliminate such unwanted substances is state-of-the-art membrane technology. Specific building requirements, however, need to be taken into account if this special water treatment process is to be employed.

  • Clear water is by no means pure water

    REMONDIS Aqua makes the most of the advantages of this advanced membrane technology - for the benefit of its customers

    Modern membrane technology is used in many industrial sectors today in order to remove dissolved substances, such as salts, from fluids - just as it is in water processing and wastewater treatment facilities. Water processing plants use it to desalinate sea water or remove germs, both of which are essential for producing high quality drinking water. The requirements for production water are even more stringent and differ from process to process. REMONDIS Aqua has risen to this challenge and is continuously looking at ways to improve membrane technology - for example when producing ultra-pure water for BASF Coating in Münster.

Membrane technology for treating wastewater

Membranes are also used in wastewater treatment. Besides achieving greater levels of purity, e.g. in ecologically sensitive regions, they also increase efficiency and reduce the need for space.
Experts have to be called in if biological treatment is to be combined with physical methods such as membrane technology as they can ensure the correct choices are made right from the very beginning. Besides having to select the most suitable technology, important questions such as membrane quality, installation requirements and operating the facility need to be looked. These are all essential if the system is to be a success as can be seen, for example, at the Dutch company, Trespa International B.V.

  • The right solution no matter what the challenge

    REMONDIS Aqua's national and international specialists deal with such challenges each and every day. We have already successfully implemented membrane technology to treat industrial wastewater at a total of seven plants. No matter whether it is wastewater from abattoirs or the chemicals industry, the food-processing or the timber industries, REMONDIS Aqua masters this most modern of technologies for the benefit of our customers and the environment.

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