Our recycling activities generate enough energy to cover the annual requirements of 20,000 households

Generating sustainable energy.
We know the potential of wastewater

Our planet's reserves of fossil fuels will have been used up in the foreseeable future. Alternative solutions must, therefore, be found if we wish to continue to have a guaranteed supply of energy in the future. We have already developed concepts that enable sustainable energy to be generated from wastewater and sewage sludge. Thanks to its know-how and experience, REMONDIS Aqua has already taken a step towards the future by offering novel methods to make the most of material flows.

  • Recycling sewage sludge to generate energy cuts costs and conserves resources

    • Every year, thousands of tonnes of sewage sludge are generated by each and every sewage treatment plant. What in the past was sent to landfill -  a costly process - has now opened up a novel opportunity to produce sustainable energy. In its dried form, sewage sludge has the same calorific value as brown coal making it an important raw material both for now and the future. REMONDIS Aqua has read the signs of the time. By using our sewage sludge to generate energy in power plants and sewage sludge incineration plants, we have already reduced the demand for coal by 100,000t and cut carbon emissions by 180,000t every year. 70,000 MWh of energy are produced by these incineration processes - sufficient energy, therefore, to cover the annual needs of 20,000 households. REMONDIS Aqua is promoting and supporting projects to generate sustainable energy from sewage sludge - both at home and abroad. If local authorities use this valuable raw material, they can cut their costs considerably and, at the same time, help conserve our natural resources. Generating sustainable energy from incinerating sewage sludge has many advantages:

      In its dried form, sewage sludge can be used as a substitute for fossil fuels, such as brown coal and natural gas, without any problem at all. REMONDIS Aqua is promoting this sustainable form of energy both at home and abroad

Generating biogas using state-of-the-art anaerobic technology

  • Another way of producing sustainable energy is to recover biogas. If a company's wastewater contains many organic substances, then it is particularly suitable for producing this form of gas. To achieve this, micro-organisms are added to the wastewater in an anaerobic reactor which then produce biogas whilst destroying the pollutants. This gas is either used as a fuel or transformed into electricity and heat in a combined heat and power plant. This process, therefore, generates valuable energy which can either be used to fuel production processes or be fed as electricity into the national grid as a guaranteed source of income. This cuts costs and protects the environment. Biogas is a sustainable form of energy with a number of positive side-effects: it not only reduces the demand for fossil fuels but also cuts carbon emissions. Generating sustainable biogas has many advantages:

    Generating sustainable energy in biogas plants creates many advantages. A number of firms whose wastewater has a high organic content, such as DMK (Deutsches Milchkontor), have opted to use REMONDIS Aqua's state-of-the-art anaerobic technology

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