• 0.9% of the human body is made up of salt

What keeps us healthy can have a negative impact on production processes. Which is why we not only produce drinking water but also fully desalinated water

Everything you want. Or your own bespoke selection

REMONDIS Aqua is a strong and competent partner for industrial businesses. Our decades of experience, our innovative technologies and our efficient business management and technical systems all ensure that we are able to carry out our work to the complete satisfaction of our customers. In Germany as well as in other parts of the world.

  • Our portfolio of services

    Do you need fully desalinated water for your production processes? We can draw up a suitable concept and operate the perfect processing facility for your business

      • Planning concepts and developing processes for special industrial specifications
      • Building and operating facilities to supply ultra-pure water to industrial sites
      • Treating raw water using physical-chemical processes
      • Building and operating process water treatment and circulation systems
      • Monitoring quality to guarantee maximum standards
      • Recovering water from production processes

Tailor-made collaboration

  • Every company has their own particular requirements when it comes to water supply. Why not contact us? We can draw up a bespoke concept with you which will not only be cost-effective but will also take the precise needs of your company into account. more

    You can't taste it but it's still there: the salt in our drinking water. Even the smallest amount can interfere with production processes

  • Why not see for yourself?

    Satisfied customers can often convey far more than simple numbers. Learn more about our projects at home and abroad! more

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