We remove the salt from drinking water to produce ultra-pure production water for BASF Coatings in Münster which uses it to make paints

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Ultra-pure water for industrial businesses

  • REMONDIS Aqua is a highly sought-after cooperation partner by industrial companies all around the world. We have put together a selection of interesting examples from our water-processing division for you to read.

    • BASF, Münster // Germany

      • Top-quality water with ideal properties for paints and lacquers

        BASF Coatings AG is the global player in the paints and lacquer industry. It develops, produces and markets a high quality assortment of innovative vehicle, car repair and industrial paints as well as materials for painting buildings. In addition, BASF Coatings offers a range of coating solutions.

        The project

        In the Hiltrup district of the City of Münster, REMONDIS Aqua supplies the production plant run by BASF Coatings, a paint and coating specialist, with fully desalinated water. As part of this project, we built and now operate a facility for desalinating municipal drinking water.

        The procedure

        The innovative multi-stage process removes all substances from the drinking water that might impair the production of the paints. We developed a technological concept specially for this site. It integrates advanced technologies such as electro-deionisation (EDI) and membrane degasification to supplement classical reverse osmosis.

        The benefits

        • High water yields
        • Low amounts of chemicals needed
        • Top quality water
        • Reliable, guaranteed supply
        • Cost effective
        • Greater competitive edge

      Pilkington Automotive, Witten // Germany

      • Better without salt: ultra-pure water for production

        Pilkington Automotive Deutschland GmbH is one of the leading manufacturers of complex glass components for motor vehicles. At its Witten plant, around 3.6 million high-quality toughened safety glass and laminated safety glass components are manufactured each year, primarily for premium automobile brands.

        The project

        Pilkington Automotive commissioned REMONDIS Aqua to operate its facility for converting municipal drinking water into fully desalinated water. As part of this project, therefore, we ensure the production site in Witten has a guaranteed supply of water whenever it needs it.

        The procedure

        We remove all substances from the drinking water that might impair the quality of the car windows or lead to a breakdown in production activities. A multi-stage membrane process is used to guarantee first-class results.

        The benefits

        • Guaranteed, reliable supply
        • Fewer breakdowns thanks to the high quality of the water
        • Highest possible plant availability
        • Top quality product 
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