This process, developed by us to recover phosphate, is just one example of our efficient recycling systems

We give you the space you need.
By taking the pressure off you!

Why not give your company more room for manoeuvre?! REMONDIS Aqua's innovative wastewater management services give you more space and time to focus on your core business. The advantages of this are clear: we relieve you of having to carry out complex tasks that are not part of your normal business activities.

  • Comprehensive solutions and bespoke concepts

    Does your company's wastewater contain heavy metals or organic substances? Using state-of-the-art wastewater treatment facilities, we are able to return even highly contaminated industrial wastewater back to the natural water cycle as extremely clean water. And whilst doing this, we transform the organic contents into energy and return the recyclable materials from the wastewater to the economic cycle.

  • Our portfolio of services

    In Altentreptow, REMONDIS Aqua operates the wastewater facility owned by DMK Deutsches Milchkontor GmbH and transforms the majority of the water's contents into biogas using anaerobic wastewater pre-treatment technology. The biogas is then used to generate electricity in REMONDIS' combined heat and power plant

      • Developing processes to manage specific loads and quantities
      • Carrying out management contracting work in all areas of water management
      • Developing bespoke concepts and processes
      • Improving capacity utilisation by using external material flows
      • Combining wastewater management and resource conservation by using biogas and recovering recyclables
  • Tailor-made collaboration

    Every company has their own particular requirements when it comes to wastewater treatment. Why not contact us? We can draw up a bespoke concept with you which will not only be cost-effective but will also take the precise needs of your company into account. more

REPHOS® – a REMONDIS Aqua process

  • The REPHOS®-process enables valuable phosphorus to be recovered from production wastewater whilst the industrial wastewater is being treated.

  • Wastewater often contains valuable materials such as metals, phosphorus and dissolved organic substances, a basis for biogas. Make the most of these contents – with REMONDIS Aqua

  • Why not see for yourself?

    Satisfied customers can often convey far more than simple numbers. Learn more about our projects at home and abroad! more

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