Metals, phosphorus or dissolved organic substances to produce biogas: wastewater is often full of valuable materials

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Working as your partner, REMONDIS Aqua can provide you with reliable support in each and every aspect of your company's water management business – from supplying specially processed ultra-pure water, to treating and discharging your production wastewater all the way through to recycling the sludge generated by this process. To achieve this, we rely on state-of-the-art technology, future-oriented processes and cost-effective concepts.

  • Water supply

    • Certain types of industrial processes need ultra-pure, fully desalinated production water. REMONDIS Aqua's experts use modern technology to guarantee you are supplied with this water whenever you need it.

    Wastewater treatment

    • Wastewater management is a particularly important subject for industrial businesses. With REMONDIS Aqua, you have a strong and reliable partner at your side who has both the experience and know-how to find the right solution, no matter what problem you may have with your wastewater.

    Material flow management

    • REMONDIS Aqua is also very happy to centrally manage your material flow activities and help you to make the most of the sludge and organic substances in your wastewater – for example as a source of energy.

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