Substituting fossil fuels with sludge and screenings cuts carbon emissions and protects the environment

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Our (inter)national cooperation partners

  • An ever increasing number of companies are finding out that innovative material flow management is an integral part of water management thanks to their work with REMONDIS Aqua. Businesses from the following sectors have been won over by our material flow management concepts and have been working together with REMONDIS Aqua for many years:

      • Automobile industry and its suppliers
      • Wastewater management companies operating in industrial estates
      • Chemicals industry
      • Waste management sector
      • Food industry
      • Petrochemicals
      • Pharmaceutical industry

    A selection of examples have been listed below which illustrate this type of collaboration with REMONDIS Aqua in the area of material flow management:

    • Abwassergesellschaft Knapsack, Hürth // Germany

      • Abwassergesellschaft Knapsack GmbH (a wastewater management company) is responsible for treating the wastewater produced by the various production plants at the Knapsack Chemical Park in Hürth as well as for managing the sludge generated by this process. Approx. 5.8m cubic metres of wastewater is treated at the chemical park in Hürth every year. REMONDIS Aqua has been in charge of centrally managing the material flows generated there since 2004 and ensures that up to 14,000t of sludge is thermally recycled to produce energy – each and every year. In addition, 40% of the incineration residue (ash, slag, FGD gypsum) is used in the building supplies industry.

        The benefits

        • Greater cost effectiveness
        • Guaranteed recycling of residual materials all year round
        • The most is made of the energy and raw material potential of the materials

      DMK, Altentreptow // Germany

      • DMK Deutsches Michkontor GmbH, the result of a merger between Humana Milchindustrie and Nordmilch, employs approx. 5,500 people and has an annual turnover of around 4 billion euros. Its Altentreptow and Bergen sites generate an annual turnover of approximately 220 million euros. DMK Deutsches Milchkontor GmbH runs a classic dairy business with cheese production at its Altentreptow site. REMONDIS Aqua is responsible for operating the biological wastewater treatment facility and ensuring that the sludge from the wastewater (digestion residue) is sent for materials recycling and used on farmland by agricultural businesses.

        The benefits

        • Greater cost effectiveness
        • Residual materials are recycled in accordance with all regulations as a supplier of nutrients and humus all year round
        • Integral concept to conserve natural resources and protect the environment

      Niagara S.r.l., Poggio Renatico // Italy

      • Niagara S.r.L, which is located in Poggio Renatico (FE), Italy, has approx. 40 employees and has been treating wastewater and liquid industrial waste from the regions of Veneto, Reggio Emiglia and Tuscany since 1998. It is permitted to process 120,000t a year. Being a future-oriented company, Niagara S.r.l. opted to work together with REMONDIS back in 2005 which is now responsible for thermally treating its filter cake. Moreover, REMONDIS Aqua is in charge of any analysis and notification procedures that may be required regarding the treatment in the respective plants and organises the delivery logistics. Since then, REMONDIS Aqua has thermally treated 20,000t.

        The benefits

        • Greater cost effectiveness
        • Highest possible plant availability
        • Guaranteed recycling of residual materials all year round
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