The name REMONDIS has stood for competent and successful water management processes for over thirty years now

How we developed, what we have become

Success does not simply fall into one's lap. It has to be worked for – over years and over decades. What is most important throughout, however, is that not just business matters are taken into account but social factors, too. This core value has been anchored in REMONDIS' corporate philosophy since the very beginning and continues to influence our work in the 21st Century.

    • 1977

      REMONDIS enters the water management sector building an industrial sewage treatment plant in Marl.


      The company signs its first public private partnership with the District of Wesendorf in the German state of Lower Saxony.


      REMONDIS Aqua starts providing services for EuroCoin.


      REMONDIS Aqua concludes its first service agreement to treat industrial wastewater with Exide Technologies (Hagen Batterie AG) in Soest.


      REMONDIS Aqua concludes agreements to provide services for BASF, Deutsche Nickel, MAN, Humana, Lorenz SnackWorld and Pilkington.


      REMONDIS acquires a share in Bremerhavener Entsorgungsgesellschaft mbH (BEG) – a PPP responsible for managing wastewater and water activities in the City of Bremerhaven. REMONDIS Aqua is commissioned to provide water services in Austria.


      Having successfully entered the Spanish and Polish water markets, REMONDIS Aqua becomes the market leader in Turkey with 4 million final consumers.


      REMONDIS Aqua extends its radius of operations involving material flow management to include Belgium, France, Italy, Ireland and the Netherlands


      The company's international growth continues with the foundation of REMONDIS Aqua (India) Private Ltd and the signing of an agreement to operate AkzoNobel's water facilities at its chemical park in Rotterdam


      REMONDIS Aqua reaches a new milestone recycling over 1 million tonnes of residual materials from its municipal and industrial wastewater treatment activities for the very first time.


      REMONDIS Aqua acquires the wastewater activities of the Dutch company, Delta Development & Walter B.V.


      The company successfully completes its acquisition of the EURAWASSER Group and its 14 business locations in Germany

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