If the network of water and wastewater pipes we look after were joined together, it would cover a huge distance

Figures to be proud of

  • > REMONDIS Aqua: Facts & Figures
    Processed drinking waterca. 115 Mio. m3 /a
    Treated wastewaterca. 370 Mio. m3 /a
    Drinking water processing plants202
    Sewage/wastewater treatment plants180
    Drinking water pipe networksover 8,400 km
    Sewer pipe networksover 6,900 km
    Recycled sewage sludgeca. 1.3 Mio. t/a
  • It's not only possible to simply talk about the success of our company and our employees – we can also prove it with facts & figures

The REMONDIS Group in figures

  • The REMONDIS Group operates in more than 30 countries all around the world via its 900+ branches and associated companies. Being one of the world's largest recycling, service and water businesses, we serve many millions of people as well as thousands of companies.

    • > The REMONDIS Group: Facts & Figures
      Turnover6.4 billion EUR/year *
      Investments250 million EUR/year
      Network of facilities500 plants
      Logistics network7.000 vehicles

      * as of 2012

      > Material flows

      Metals/scrap (incl. TSR)
      7,523,000Hazardous waste1,000,000
      Construction waste3,000,000Glass786,000
      Municipal waste3,880,000Wood700,000
      Paper / cardboard / card1,812,000Light packaging195,000
      Earth2,550,000Waste electrical & electronic equipment
      Organic / garden waste
      1,680,000Metal slag140,000
      Sewer sludge1,272,000Photo chemicals17.000
      Commercial waste1,160,000Silver120
      Waste incineration slag1,600,000
      > Plants & facilities
      Type of facilityTotal No.

      Type of facilityTotal No.
      Construction waste processing plants22Sewage treatment plants180
      Biodiesel production plants3Sewage sludge incinerators1
      Biogas plants18Composting / anaerobic digestion facilities
      Biomass-fired power plants1Plastics processing facilities3
      Landfills37Solvents treatment facilities2
      Landfill gas plants9Waste incineration plants9
      RDF production plants9Paper sorting facilities64
      RDF incineration plant1Residual waste processing facilities18
      Photo chemicals treatment plants9WEEE dismantling centres
      Commcercial wate processing facilities16Hazardous waste processing facilities72
      Gypsum production facilities17Hazardous waste incineration plants3
      Glass processing facilities10Sorting plants for light packaging16
      Wood processing facilities17

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